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Bernette B35

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Overview The Bernette 35 is a simple and sufficient sewing machine that is great for beginners. Instead of computerized controls,...
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The Bernette 35 is a simple and sufficient sewing machine that is great for beginners. Instead of computerized controls, the stitches length, width, and pattern can all be adjusted by turning three knobs on the front of the machine. Tension can also be adjusted during sewing with the turn of a wheel. One of the best features of the Bernette 35 is the 1-step buttonhole function, which makes it very easy for the beginner to make quick and easy buttonholes in one step. The Bernette 35 has a total of 23 decorative and basic stitches, which means even the beginner sewer can create beautiful creations quickly and easily. 

Top Features

23 stitch patterns: The Bernette 35 has 23 stitches that are both basic and decorative. There is a stitch that is perfect for any project. 

One Step Buttonhole: With just one step, even the beginning sewer can quickly and easily create buttonholes. It is as simple as snapping on the buttonhole foot and switching the stitch to the one-step buttonhole stitch.

Manual Needle Threader: No more squinting your eyes trying to get thread through the needle, as the Bernette 35 comes with a manual needle threader which helps get even the most stubborn thread through the needle easily.

Thread Cutter: Instead of manually cutting thread from the machine, sewers can easily cut thread with the attached thread cutter on the machine.

Attached Accessory Box: The accessory box that is on the sewing machine conveniently holds feet, bobbins, cleaning brushes, and other small sewing tools.

7 Presser Feet: Easily switch between different presser feet that is right for your project. With the correct presser foot you can easily create your sewing project with amazing stitch quality.

2-step Presser Foot Lift: Easily sew thicker layers of fabric with the 2-step presser foot lift. This is especially helpful for those who are quilting.

Stitch Length and Width: The Bernette 35 creates stitches that can be 5mm in width and up to 4mm in length.

Bobbin Winder: Sewers can easily wind bobbins with the automatic bobbin winder included at the top of the sewing machine.

Included Accessories

  • 4 Bobbins
  • Seam Ripper/Button Hole Opener
  • 2 Screwdrivers (small and large)
  • Needle Assortment
  • Feet Included:
    • ZigZag Foot: This foot is the perfect all-purpose foot and great for the zigzag stitch, which is helpful when creating garments.
    • Hemmer Foot: This special foot folds fabric twice, and creates a professional looking seam with a nice rolled hem.
    • Zipper Foot: Easily sew on zippers while staying close to the coils.
    • Blindstitch Foot: Snap on this foot when you want that perfect blind hem on the right side of the fabric.
    • Button-Sew-On Foot: Sewing on a button is made easy with this foot. This foot provides a slip-resident sole so the button doesn’t slip.
    • Embroidery Foot: This clear foot is helpful with creating decorative stiches.
    • Satin Foot: Easily sew satin or silking fabric with the satin foot attachment.

How the Bernette 35 Compares to Other Sewing Machines

There are many different beginning sewing machines out there. Here we will compare the Bernette 35 to another Bernette: the Bernette 33. Then we will look at the Bernette 35 compared to a Singer 4411, which is considered to be a more heavy duty machine. We will be comparing the amount of stitches that are included in each and other functions that each may have in common.

Bernette 35 vs. Bernette33

Both the Bernette 35 and the Bernette 33 sewing machines are mechanical, which means there are no computerized knobs to worry about. Mechanical machines are usually easier to maintain, and they are easier to understand. While both machines are great for beginners, there are a few benefits of one over the other.

Knobs: B35 has 3 knobs, which include the stitch pattern, stitch length, and stitch width. On the other hand, the B33 has 2 knobs for the stitch pattern and the length of stitches.

Bobbin: Both are front load bobbins versus the drop-in bobbins.

Max. sewing speed: Both can create 860 stitches per minute.

Thread cutter: Both machines have a manual thread cutter on the side, which makes it very easy to cut off thread from projects.

Threader: Both have a threader to help you thread your thread into the needle.

Stitch Pattern: The Bernette 35 has a few more stitches at 23 versus Bernette 33’s 15 stitches. Both have 14 utility stitches, but the B35 has 8 embroidery stitches that the other does not.

Buttonhole Steps: The Bernette 35 includes a 1 step buttonhole, which makes creating buttons even more simple compared to the Bernette 33’s  4 step buttonhole.

Included Feet: The Bernette 35 includes two extra feet that the Bernette 33 does not have. The feet that are not included in the 33 is the embroidery foot and the hemmer foot.

Overall: While the Bernette 35 and Bernette 33 are both great sewing machines for beginners, the Bernette 35 has just a few more perks. The third knob on the machine lets the sewer easily widen stitches, and the extra stitch patterns help create even more decorative stitches on projects. The one-step buttonhole makes creating buttonholes fast and easy for the beginner, and the extra feet can help create even nicer hems.

Bernette 35 vs. Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine is another comparable machine to the Benette B35. They are both great for beginners, but have some qualities that are unique to themselves.

Stitches: The Bernette has a bit more options for stitches compared to the Singer. While the Bernette has 23 stitches, the Singer only has 11 built in stitches which include 6 basic and 4 decorative.

Bobbin: The Bernette has the front-loading bobbin while the Singer has the Drop-In bobbin. Some argue that the drop-in bobbins are easier to maintain and work with.

Max. Sewing Speed: The speed of the Singer is quite a bit more at 1,100 stitches a minute versus the Bernette’s 860.

Buttonhole Steps: The Singer has the four-step buttonhole while the Bernette has the quicker one-step buttonhole.

Included Feet: The Singer only has four included feet, while the Bernette has 7.

Overall: Both machines would be great for the beginner sewer. The Singer does have the easy drop-in bobbin that allows the sewer to easily see when they are running low on bobbin thread and has a maximum sewing speed that is a few 100 stitches more per minute than the Bernette. The Singer sewing machine is a heavy-duty machine, which is great for thicker fabric and for the sewer that is a bit more experienced and wants to work faster. However, the Bernette has more stitch options to create more decorative stitches, and includes more feet, which allows the sewer to easily customize their sewing experience. In addition, the Bernette also has the easy one-step buttonhole compared to the four-step.  

The Final Stitches

The Bernette 35 is a great option for the beginner sewer. It includes more stitches than most other comparable sewing machines, which allows sewers to create both basic and decorative stitches. It also includes many more feet than other machines, allowing for more personalized sewing experiences. The one-step buttonhole makes sewing buttons quick and easy for the new sewer. Beginning sewers will enjoy the simple design with less computerized screens, which makes for easy instructions. While it may not work as fast as some other comparable machines, it definitely has many qualities that make this the perfect sewing machine for the beginning sewer.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Donna Y

      Everything about this machine is easy. Easy to set up and easy to clean.

      Jenna H
      Basic Mechanical Machine

      If you're looking for a good basic mechanical machine, this is the one for you. Computerized machines can get complicated. If you want to bypass the confusion, go with this machine.

      Bernette B35
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