Are you trying to learn to sew or looking to refine your already impressive skills? We at All Sew know how it goes. There's two different type of people that come to our classes.


Maybe you got a sewing machine for Christmas. Maybe you went out and bought one thinking you'd build that perfect dress for your daughter.

Then comes the moment of truth. You can't figure out what all the gears and gadgets do. The directions uses words like bobbin and back stitching and you're still trying to figure out what that even means. No need to fret. All Sew has your back.

Sewing can be enormously fulfilling. We're here to help you get you up and running. With our help, you'll be altering clothing that doesn't fit right, making cozy blankets and quilts, and making lasting memories with the projects you build.


Even if you're a veteran, we can help you tweak your sewing habits to give your work that extra something special that will make anything you sew look like it could have come from an expensive boutique.


If you purchase a machine from another dealer and need a class on how to set up and use your machine, we'll provide all instructions for $100.

If you purchase a machine from us, you're automatically eligible for a FREE class on how to set up and use your machine.

If you need help with Embroidery, Sewing, Quilting and more, classes start at $10 and up!

If you're ready for a class, call us below to schedule a time for you to come in.


G3306 Miller Rd.
Flint, MI 48507

Phone: (810) 732-1066
Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm
Saturday, 9am - 5pm
Sunday, Closed

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