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Brother SE600 Sewing Machine

Out of stock
Overview The Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is an affordable all-in-one computerized sewing and embroidery machine. This is a...
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The Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is an affordable all-in-one computerized sewing and embroidery machine. This is a great machine for those that are familiar with sewing and want to get into embroidering as well.

The Brother SE600 comes with 80 preloaded embroidery designs and 103 built-in stitches. The computerized screen allows individuals to view their designs in color and edit directly on the touch screen. Editing can include changing thread color, adding lettering, and moving designs. For those that want more designs, the Brother SE600 makes it easy to upload downloaded designs directly through the USB port located on the machine.

The expandable workspace allows quilters more space to the right of the needle to fold bulkier quilts or projects. The Brother SE600 includes multiple sewing feet for more versatile projects and creativity.

Top Features

  • 4” x 4” Embroidery Field: Embroidery projects can be as big as 4” x 4”, which is perfect for the beginner.
  • 103 Built-In Stitches: Sewers can get creative with the 103 built in-stitches which include basic and decorative stitches.
  • 80 Embroidery Designs: With 80 included embroidery designs, there is something for each individual.
  • 9 Built-In Lettering Fonts: Sewers will enjoy the 9 different fonts for monograming and personalizing their project.
  • Computerized Touch Screen Display: The 3.2” LCD Touch Screen display allows individuals to not just view their embroidery design, but also directly edit color, placement, and lettering.
  • USB Port: The USB port that is located directly on the machine allows sewers to import saved designs downloaded from other sources.
  • Expandable Workspace: The workspace can be expanded for sewers and quilters to have more room to work with bulkier projects.
  • 7 Presser Feet Included: There is a foot included to help almost every type of project from sewing on buttonholes to monogramming.

Included Accessories

  • 7 Sewing Feet
    • Buttonhole Foot: Sewers can easily create buttonholes with the buttonhole foot.
    • Overcasting Foot: The overcast foot, also known as an overedge foot, allows the thread to wrap around the edge of the fabric to create more decorative and secure stitches.
    • Monograming Foot: Use this foot to stitch wider and more decorative stitches.
    • Zipper Foot: Sew on zippers while staying close to the coils.
    • Spring Action Zig Zag Foot: Spring action feet rises and lowers as it goes over bulkier fabric, which is great for those sewing quilts.
    • Blind Stitch Foot: Snap on this foot when you want that perfect blind hem on the right side of the fabric.
    • Button Sewing Foot: Quickly and easily sew on any button with the button sewing foot.
  • Pouch for Accessories
  • 4 Bobbins
  • Needle Set
    • Ball Point Needle
    • Twin Needle
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Eyelet Punch
  • Screwdriver
  • 3 Spool Caps
  • 3 Pre-Wound Bobbin with Embroidery Thread
  • Extra Spool Pin

How the Brother SE600 Compares to Other Sewing and Embroidery Machines

There are many different dual sewing and embroidery machines out on the market. Here we will compare the Brother SE600 to another Brother, the LB7000. Then we will look at the Brother SE600 compared to a Singer Futura XL-400. We will be comparing the number of built-in stitches, embroidery designs, and fonts. In addition, we will look at the hoop sizes of each and the extras that each include.

Brother SE600 vs. Brother LB7000

Both the SE600 and Brother LB7000 are a computerized sewing and embroidery machine. They are both great for beginners and have a lot of the same features. Each can easily sew beautiful accessories and add embroidery embellishments.

Built-in Stitches: Both have 103 built-in stitches which include basic and decorative stitches.

Built-in Embroidery Designs: Each have 80 built-in embroidery designs available.

Computerized Touch Screen: While they both have a large LCD color touch screen, the Brother LB7000’s is slightly bigger at 3.7” compared to the Brother SE600’s 3.2”.

Included Sewing Feet: Both Brother’s come with the same 7 included feet, which include the zigzag, buttonhole, overcasting, monograming, zipper, blind stitch, and button sewing feet.

Hoop Size: Both can create embroidery designs up to 4”x4” with their maximum hoop size.

Overall Brother SE600 vs. Brother LB7000

The Brother SE600 and LB7000 are very comparable overall. The only real difference is the touch screen size and the price. The screen on the LB7000 is just a bit larger, as is the price tag. Other than those two things they have a lot in common. Each have 103 built-in stitches and 80 pre-loaded embroidery designs. They also both have the capability to edit on the computerized touch screen. Each has a maximum hoop of 4”x4”, which means that will also be the largest embroidery design that can be created.

As they are so comparable, if you do not care about the computerized screen being a bit bigger, the Brother 600 may be the best machine for the beginner as it is a bit cheaper and has all the same functions.

Brother SE600 vs Singer Futura XL-400

The Singer Futura XL-400 is another great beginner embroidery and sewing machine that compares nicely to the Brother SE600. Both have their pros and cons that are unique to themselves.

Built-In Stitches: While the Brother SE600 has 103 stitches, the Singer only has 30, including a 1-step buttonhole stitch

Pre-loaded Embroidery Designs: The Singer has quite a few more designs with 125 compared to Brother’s 80.

Built-In Fonts: The Brother includes 9 popular fonts for monogramming and the Singer only includes 5.

Included Hoops: The Brother only includes one hoop that is 4”x4”, which means the largest design can only be 4” around. The Singer, however, comes with two hoops, the largest being 260mm x 160mm, which is 10”x6”. This means the Singer can make a design almost double in size compared to the Brother.  In addition, the Singer has a multi-hoop capability, which means designs can actually be as large as 18” x 11”.

Computerized LED Touch Screen: While the Brother comes with a computerized touch screen that allows individuals to edit directly from the machine, the Singer does not come with such a screen. Instead, in order to edit designs from the Singer, users would connect the USB cable to the computer and make minor edits there before sending to embroider.

Expandable Sewing Space: Both the Brother and Singer have an expandable workspace, which allows more space to work with bulkier material; however, the Singer’s workspace can expand by about 2” more compared to the Brother.

Overall Brother SE600 vs Singer Futura XL-400

While the Brother SE600 and Singer Futura XL-400 are both great embroidery and sewing machines, it is hard to say which is the best. They both have perks that the other does not. While the Singer has more pre-installed embroidery designs compared to the Brother, the Brother has more built-in stitches for sewing and fonts for monogramming. The Brother also includes the computerized touch screen that allows the sewer to edit designs directly on the machine, while the Singer does not.

The biggest difference that an embroider would be considered with is the hoop sizes. The Singer hoops are a lot larger and therefore can create bigger embroider designs. It is hard to say which is the best, as they are both great beginner machines and just depends on what the sewer is looking for.

The Final Stitches

The Brother SE600 is a great option for the beginner sewer and embroider. It compares nicely to other machines, but with a least expensive price tag. The Brother SE600 allows the sewer to create beautiful and creative projects with over 100 different stitches, and 80 embroidery designs.

While it may not have the most designs of other machines, sewers can easily upload downloaded designs directly on the machine through the USB port. The touch-screen machine easily allows individuals to edit designs directly on the machine without plugging it into a computer.

The Brother SE600 is one of Brother’s best selling machines, and we can see why with all that is included.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 11 reviews
              James C
              Quick Shipping

              This was a present and I called the store to see if they could get it delivered before Christmas. They told me they'd ship it out same day. Got here before Christmas and my niece loved it.

              Mary B
              Great Machine

              This seems to be one of the popular machines when I talk to people. Must be popular for a reason!

              Adela P

              only place that had the se600

              Dedrick S
              Embroidery not sewing

              Works much better as an embroidery machine than it does a sewing machine. If you're buying it primarily for embroidery, definitely get it. If primarily for sewing, then this might not be the machine for you. If you need both, then this is the machine for you. Definitely good dual purpose machine.

              Tina S
              Love This Machine!

              I've only used it for embroidering so far but it does a great job. The color screen is wonderful. Also has a port for a memory stick to upload designs.

              Brother SE600 Sewing Machine
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